3 Tips to Help Clients Get the Most Out of their Telephone Psychic Reading

6 August 2019
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As a beginning clairvoyant, getting a physical location can be a problem. Moreover, other communication channels such as websites can require a substantial amount of money to set up. If you find yourself in such a situation, it can be challenging to get your psychic reading services up and running. However, most clients prefer face-to-face psychic reading and will, therefore, be cautious about psychic readings conducted over the phone, especially if they are paying for these services. Such caution is understandable; consequently, you must ensure that clients get the best possible service. This article highlights strategies you can take to ensure that your customers get the most out of their telephone psychic reading. 

Promote Anonymity

As was mentioned in the introductory section, some clients prefer to go to a clairvoyant who has a physical location since they offer face-to-face services. The clients do not mind sharing their personal and innermost thoughts. However, there is a section of clients that don't like discussing personal thoughts and feelings with strangers. Hence, such clients try as much as possible to avoid face-to-face psychic readings. Notably, you should be advertising your services to these because telephone psychic readings eliminate face-to-face interaction. You should use anonymity as a selling point, and soon, you will be getting clients from as far away as overseas. 

Offer Free Minutes

Although telephone psychic readings are not acquaintance conversations, the client needs enough time to gauge whether the clairvoyant is appropriate for them or not. Regrettably, some clairvoyants do not consider this and set up their system in such a way that the customer is charged from the moment the conversation starts. Though the client can hang up at any time if they feel that they are not connecting with the reader, the customer still incurs a charge even without getting a reading.

A better approach is to make the first few minutes free. It allows the client enough time to decide on whether to go on with the reading or stop without worrying about getting charged for a service that they have not used. For example, by making the first three minutes toll-free, you make it so that your clients can use the time to gauge your connection and discuss rates free of charge. 

Encourage Note-Taking

One advantage of telephone psychic reading is that clients get an opportunity to quiet their emotions and thoughts and concentrate on the reading process. The privacy and quiet environment make it easy for a client to grasp everything you are telling them. However, things might not be as straightforward to a client that uses telephone psychic reading for the first time. Therefore, such customers should have a notebook or journal with them when they call for your services. It helps the customer to revisit something they wrote down, which did not make sense at the time of the reading.

If you're considering entering this field, make sure that you consider all your options when preparing to provide psychic readings.