Tips For Setting Up a Home Theatre

22 August 2016
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Having a home theatre provides you a convenient way to get together with friends and family to watch your favourite movies, while also keeping all the audio and video equipment away from other rooms of your home. Here are some tips for setting up the theatre room, including some things you want to be sure you include.

Soundproof the Room

In a home theatre room, you want the room itself to have excellent sound, preferably with surround sound, but you don't want it to affect the rest of your home. One of the best ways to do this is by soundproofing the room. That way, the noise coming from the theatre equipment is only heard in the room and not in bedrooms while someone is sleeping or in your home office when you're just trying to get some work done. You can either do this yourself by hanging up thick foam or other insulating material, or ask a contractor to soundproof the room for you.

Add Stadium Seating

As far as furniture is concerned, try to include stadium seating. There are many furniture stores that now sell furniture specifically for home theatres, including long rows of reclining chairs that easily connect to each other and have individual cup holders in the arms. Some of them even go one step further with sound in the headrest. If you have a large room and want multiple rows of seats in your home theatre, you will need to build seat risers in order to do this. This turns it into a place where more people can enjoy movies from the theatre room.

Choose Your Type of Video

There are two main options for video in the theatre room; choose the largest plasma television you can find or get a projector or screen. The type you go for will depend on your budget and how large the room is. If you are using a small bedroom as a home theatre, you could probably get away with a plasma, since it isn't going to have dozens of seats and multiple rows where people in the back row need to see the large screen. However, if you are using an area like a basement where there is considerably more room, having a projector and screen is highly recommended.

It is also recommended that you either choose a room with very few windows, such as a basement or den, or that you cover up the windows completely with boards and blackout curtains.