Custom House: Three Practical Tips for Drafting an Ideal Architectural Design

31 August 2018
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Designing and drafting are critical steps in the construction of a custom house. The created plans will provide clear guidance to the builder and other contractors during construction. Unfortunately, designing and drafting a house plan can be challenging. Therefore, you should think about hiring an experienced designer, architect or draftsperson to provide drafting services. These professionals are trained in the field and will guarantee the realisation of your dream house. However, it is possible to participate in the design process as the potential homeowner. Read More 

Why You Need to Upgrade Your Lift Communication System

29 June 2018
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Do your own or operate a multi-storey building? If so, it will probably have one or more lifts that help people to come and go, and your responsibility will extend to the functional operation of these critical components. As you know, lifts must be inspected on a regular basis to ensure that they are safe, but you also need to expect the unexpected and make sure that you are prepared for an emergency. Read More 

4 Reasons to A/B Test Your Website

21 June 2017
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A/B testing is easy to understand; you take two variants and then compare their performance. If you A/B test your website, you might use two different sales pages, adopt two different calls to action, or simply use two different colours for your drop-down menus. Here are just four reasons why A/B testing your website is something to commit to. 1. Easy and Inexpensive A/B testing can provide you with invaluable data, and all without involving much cost or effort on your part. Read More 

Five Considerations When Installing Network Cables for Your Startup

18 August 2016
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Cabling your startup business can be a difficult task if proper planning is not put to it. Also, poorly installed data cables can lead to business inefficiencies and costly maintenance routines. If you want to kick-start your business without any glitches, as a far as telephone and internet are concerned, a data cabling expert can be useful at this point. Here are a few considerations when you are installing network cables for your business. Read More 

When It’s Time to Call for Repair on Your Copier

17 August 2016
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When a copy machine breaks down or seems to have the same problem repeatedly, you may not always need to call for repair. Sometimes you just need to clean the glass and inside the cover to get rid of spots on your copies or clean the rollers inside the machine with a soft cloth to get the copier working properly again. In some cases, the machine may just need to sit idle and cool for several minutes so that it can start running again. Read More