4 Reasons to A/B Test Your Website

21 June 2017
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A/B testing is easy to understand; you take two variants and then compare their performance. If you A/B test your website, you might use two different sales pages, adopt two different calls to action, or simply use two different colours for your drop-down menus. Here are just four reasons why A/B testing your website is something to commit to. 1. Easy and Inexpensive A/B testing can provide you with invaluable data, and all without involving much cost or effort on your part. Read More 

How to Fix Poor Speech on a Telephone Extension

28 April 2017
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Most private branch telephone exchanges, or PABXs, rely on internal extensions to work. This usually means that telephone systems have one of two types of wiring system installed. The first is what is known as a proprietary – or sometimes digital – extension. The other is an analogue extension which you would fit a standard telephone to. In either case, you may notice that when you make a call to a particular extension that speech does not have the desired level of clarity. Read More 

How to Protect Your Data Cables and Data Centre from Damage

14 September 2016
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Data cables play a vital role in the success of any modern business, providing communication within the organisation and with the rest of the globe. If your company is considering installing data cabling or a new data centre, you may be wondering about how to best care for the cables. To ensure that both the data cables and your data centre are operating in peak condition, it is important that you take steps to reduce the wear and tear on the data system. Read More 

Tips For Setting Up a Home Theatre

22 August 2016
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Having a home theatre provides you a convenient way to get together with friends and family to watch your favourite movies, while also keeping all the audio and video equipment away from other rooms of your home. Here are some tips for setting up the theatre room, including some things you want to be sure you include. Soundproof the Room In a home theatre room, you want the room itself to have excellent sound, preferably with surround sound, but you don't want it to affect the rest of your home. Read More 

Five Considerations When Installing Network Cables for Your Startup

18 August 2016
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Cabling your startup business can be a difficult task if proper planning is not put to it. Also, poorly installed data cables can lead to business inefficiencies and costly maintenance routines. If you want to kick-start your business without any glitches, as a far as telephone and internet are concerned, a data cabling expert can be useful at this point. Here are a few considerations when you are installing network cables for your business. Read More