Home Office Hacks for Creatives: Use Pin Boards to Stay Focused and Organised

15 June 2016
 Categories: Technology, Blog


Your ideas are your wealth, but sometimes you have so many of them that it's hard to stay focused. What should you do first? Which idea should you pursue and which one should you leave for later? And should you let go of that project you've been working on for the last week because the new thought you've just had seems so much better? It can be much easier to find the right answers to these questions if you can represent them visually. Here is how pin boards can help.

Play with Interactive Vision Boards

When you're deciding which idea to act on, it helps to stay in touch with your goals and evaluate whether your new idea takes you closer to where you want to go or further away. A vision board is a quick way to connect with your goals, and by making your vision board on a pin board, you get to deepen this connection daily. It's no longer a permanent board, but one you can interact with. You can move the pictures around, take off images that no longer speak to you, and replace them with better ones so that the board is always new and exciting.

Organise Your Ideas

Writing lists digitally, on whiteboards or on paper is a great way to capture your ideas fast. When the time comes to organise them and evaluate which ideas are the best, turn to your pin board. You can easily move your ideas around, rearrange them, combine them and put them in different groups. Each time you'll be able to focus on a specific idea or combination of ideas, while at the same time having a visual overview of the whole.

Have a Visual To-Do List

Do you write your to-do list in the morning, then put it away and never look at it again? Try having your list on a pin board instead. If it's somewhere in your home office where you can't miss it, you won't be wondering what you should be doing next. Pinning the tasks onto the board instead of writing them makes the process very flexible. You can change the order of the tasks easily, take off the tasks you've finished and add new ones as they come up. You can even use one side of the board to create a 'done' list. If you tend to be hard on yourself for not doing enough, this list will remind you of all the things you've completed already and help you stay positive.